Focus on the development of new drugs in the field of pain.

Provide non-opioid analgesics to satisfy unmet medical needs.

About Us
R&D Concept

Based on the unmet clinical needs and driven by technological innovation, the Company focuses on the development of high-barrier innovative technology platforms such as long-acting injection technology, topical formulation transdermal technology, nano-delivery carrier technology, pre-drug modification, and solubilization technology for insoluble drugs. The company has attached great importance to patent application and protection throughout the full life cycle of drug development.

The Company emphasizes a global market layout with dual registration in both China and US. Clinical studies and registration are conducted simultaneously in China and US to maximize the value of the projects. The sales scale of the series of products can reach tens of billions after they are on the market. The Company’s product pipeline covers two application pathways, i.e., 505(b)(1) and 505(b)(2), with a total of nearly 10 new drug products. The Company has held a pre-NDA meeting with FDA on its first project, QP001, and has reached several agreements.

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Focus area
Therapeutic Areas
Pain is a complex physiological and psychological activity, and is one of the commonest clinical symptoms. It is gaining more and more attention as the “5th vital sign” after blood pressure, respiration, pulse, and body temperature...
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Technology platform
Sustained-release Gel Platform
XisGel®technology is suitable for improving the local duration of action of short half-life drugs
Topical Skin Preparation Platform
ETPF®technology is suitable for improving the bioavailability and ease of use of topical formulations...
Product Pipeline

The Company has laid out nearly 10 new non-opioid analgesics, which have entered the clinical development stage one after another. The Company has also applied for nearly 20 key patents.

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laid out nearly 10 new non-opioid analgesics
US pre-NDA Submitted
Domestic Clinical
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  • 近日,南京清普生物科技有限公司(简称“清普生物”)再传好消息,其自主研发的首款长效术后镇痛新药QP001注射液完成了美国新药上市申请(NDA)的关键性临床研究,并成功达到主要研究终点。
  • 北京时间2022年08月18日凌晨,清普生物同FDA召开关于QP001项目的pre-NDA会议,并达成多项共识。